Making A Safer Space For Seniors

Making A Safer Space For Seniors

Aging comes with changes that affect the body. Older people tend to move slower. They may also develop eye problems and lose core strength that helps in maintaining balance. Thus, the probability of them getting into accidents like falls and sprains is bigger.

According to the United States Census Burea, the population in the country is getting older. The numbers show that Americans are living longer, which is a good thing. However, it also poses certain challenges. 

Safety At Home

Because of the advancements in the health sector, people are now living longer than before. Many people remain active and have robust lives. However, it does not mean that they are exempted from the effects of aging.

Home security and safety are among the main concerns of every NC homeowner. But, seniors have different needs. Thus, ensuring this may require extra measures.

Preventing Falls

If you are a senior citizen living independently or a family member that lives with an elderly, you have to make sure that your home has features that can help prevent falls. Inspect the whole property. Look for areas that can potentially be safety hazards.

  • Put handrails that will run through the entire length of your stairs.
  • Install automated lights for rooms that the senior frequently visits.
  • Have grab bars in the bathroom and near the toilet seat.
  • Make sure the stairs and open areas are clear.
  • Keep rugs in place.
  • Do not leave the floor wet.
  • Fix broken or chipped tiles or steps.

Additional Security Measures

Aside from the safety of your home, you also need to take extra security precautions that will prevent intruders from robbing the place. 

  • Make sure that all rooms have adequate lighting. You may consider automated lights that will turn on once a person enters a room. You may also invest in a system that lets you set the lights to turn on when you are not home. This way, outsiders will think there is someone inside.


  • When it comes to home security and safety, one of the best things to have is a monitoring device. Install various detectors, such as fire, temperature, and/or carbon monoxide. These will warn you in case there is a sign of danger. Having a video surveillance system can also help enhance the security of your home in Greensboro, NC. Consider putting up motion sensors that will go off if someone tries to sneak into your home. Lights can help prevent burglary.


  • Since most seniors need medical attention, having a medical alert system can also help. This way, they can continue to move independently. At the same time, a single push of a button will let them get help in case of an accident or emergency.

Home security and safety are important to protect the elderly. You have to consider the needs of senior citizens when choosing a suitable system. If you are looking for an effective and high-quality security system for your NC property, give us a call. 

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