Motion Sensor Lights Are A Must For Late Summer Security

Motion Sensor Lights Are A Must For Late Summer Security

While summer days might be long and bright in Greensboro, NC during June and July, the same can’t usually be said by August. You will notice that around midway through August, the days start becoming shorter, and they will continue to grow shorter up until the winter solstice all the way in December. For those looking to protect their property in NC, it’s important to consider how your lighting should change along with the natural light of the sun. 

It's a proven fact that burglars prefer to hide under the cover of darkness for a number of reasons. Once the sun goes down, there are likely to be fewer people out on the street, so there’s less of a chance of anyone spotting them trespassing on your property in Greensboro, NC. Older security cameras are less likely to pick up clear images under the cover of darkness, so burglars may have easier access to entrances and openings. Lastly, it’s simply tougher to see at night, so hiding in shadows renders a person nearly invisible to the naked eye. 

Why Use Motion Sensor Lights? 

Motion sensor lights have a few different benefits that pertain to home security and other practical uses. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in motion sensor lighting for your home security as summer winds down: 

  • They present the look of activity – Burglars like darkness, and they like empty spaces. A burglar would much prefer to break into a home while the space is vacant as they know there’s much less risk of getting caught. Even if you’re not home, your motion sensor lights will give off the appearance that you are. Burglars won’t be able to tell if a motion sensor turned on the light or if a person in the home was responsible. 

  • They take away the darkness around your property – Dark spots and shadowy areas around your property present perfect opportunities for burglars to hide. Motion sensor lights are a simple way to do away with those areas to leave behind a safer space overall. 

  • They provide convenience – If you’re coming home late from work or returning from a night out, walking up a dark sidewalk can be dangerous. It’s easy to trip over an unseen obstacle and find yourself with a potentially serious injury. Your motion sensor lights won’t just pick up burglar motion but your motion as well, giving you helpful light whenever you need it most. 

  • They help out your security cameras – Your motion sensor lights also give your security cameras a boost. If your security cameras have difficulty picking up clear footage in the dark, your motion sensor lights brighten up space, which results in better evidence. 

Bringing Light To Your Property 

Motion sensor lights can be installed all over your property, giving you better year-round protection. If you’re interested in what motion sensor lights can bring to your space, contact us today to learn more from our experienced security professionals.

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