Remote Surveillance For At-Risk People

Remote Surveillance For At-Risk People

It is more important than ever to do what we can to protect the most vulnerable and at-risk people in NC. To do this, we need to have viable ways to monitor and protect them while still allowing them to live as independently as they can so they don't feel as if they are a burden.

It is also important to find ways to monitor vulnerable individuals as in-person visitation is restricted. Not doing so can put our loved ones at even higher risk. For these reasons and more, we need to deploy a more secure and reliable remote monitoring system that can alert us when something is wrong.

Smart Protection

With all the advancements in technology today and the ever-improving security industry, there are several ways we can monitor our loved ones in Greensboro during this pandemic. Simply put, we can take advantage of several medical, safety, and health monitoring systems available, including panic buttons, waterproof personal emergency response pendants, surveillance cameras, and access control.

Around-The-Clock Protection

Many smart devices can trigger an alarm and monitor our loved ones 24/7. These professionally monitored systems are always on guard and ensure that first responders and others in authority are contacted immediately in case of an emergency. Each system can be configured to the unique needs of each individual. You can even set up special alerts if needed for when someone leaves home at unusual hours.

Remote Monitoring

Several video monitoring cameras are currently available for families to use to keep a more watchful eye on their loved ones. However, you need to have a conversation with your relatives before installing any equipment so it is not viewed as an invasion of their privacy. The technology should be in place solely to protect your loved ones.

When looking for cameras, consider those with wider viewing angles, HD quality video, night vision, and built-in motion and sound detection. This way, you can be notified when something happens. You can then use the two-way talk feature to communicate with your loved ones or listen in if they need help.

Sensor Monitoring

If your loved ones aren't comfortable with video monitoring, you can choose sensor monitoring instead. It is a less invasive option. This kind of system utilizes small wireless sensors around the home rather than cameras. The sensors will notify you through text message, email, or phone call if something unexpected or out of the ordinary is happening in the home.

These sensors attach to many household objects, including pillboxes, the refrigerator door, the front door, and the mailbox. So if the front door sensor goes off, you will know if your loved one has left the house, and you can check up on them to be sure everything is okay. It makes caregiving for the elderly easier to accomplish. 

For more information on these technologies and others you can use to protect the most vulnerable in your family, contact your local security experts in Greensboro, NC today.

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