How To Choose The Best IP Security Camera For Your Needs

How To Choose The Best IP Security Camera For Your Needs

Internet protocol (IP) video cameras are a fantastic option for both home and office security needs in Greensboro, NC. IP cameras are state-of-the-art and higher quality than standard analog video cameras. They can be accessed remotely, offer great storage and playback options, and can be integrated into your existing security. There is a wide variety of IP video cameras on the market. So choosing which one is right for you can be a little daunting. To help you decide on the best IP camera for your needs, here are some questions to ask yourself.

What Level Of Detail Do You Need To See in Greensboro, NC?

Think about the purpose of your surveillance system. Do you just need a broad view of your premises to see when someone enters or exits your property? Do you want to be able to pick up small details to prevent crime? Depending on how you will use your camera can help you select what type of lens and field of vision you need. For a general view, you can stick with a standard resolution with a high field of vision. However, for a more detailed view, you may want to consider a smaller field of vision with a high definition resolution of 1080 dpi.

What Features Do You Want?

IP cameras offer some very sophisticated features. Some cameras can pan, pivot, tilt, and zoom with manual controls. Other cameras can turn on when triggered by a motion sensor. While others are lit from the back and can provide fine detail in even dark spaces. Some IP cameras are waterproof, so they are great for outdoors. Think about the area you are monitoring and what kind of features would work best for you.

What Is Your Storage Capability?

IP video cameras interface with a computer system. If you purchase an IP camera with high resolution, you will need both a high amount of bandwidth and storage to capture the images. Therefore, if you buy a high resolution, feature-packed IP camera, you may also have to upgrade your computer systems and internet network. This can be a costly upgrade that isn’t necessarily needed for your security. 

What Is Your Budget?

IP cameras come in a range of price points in Greensboro, NC. A basic indoor camera can be as low as $80, while a highly sophisticated outdoor camera with all the bells and whistles can run as much as $1400. If you are unsure how much you should budget, weigh the cost of protecting your property against the cost of potential loss. That will help you get a clear picture on what you should spend.

The best way to ensure you are getting the right IP camera for your space is to work with a security expert. Our team will evaluate your security needs, determine the best options, and create an installation and maintenance plan. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the IP camera that will keep your property safe.

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