Exciting Features and an Overview about Glass Break Sensor

Exciting Features and an Overview about Glass Break Sensor

When it comes to home security, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are always looking for new gadgets to install on your home for this purpose, you must not be ashamed of what you are doing. You have worked very hard to own whatever you have now. It is your right and responsibility to protect all your possessions. Another innovation that you may want to look into when it comes to this is the glass break sensor. This is utilized in electronic burglar alarms to detect when a pane of glass gets broken or shattered. This is very useful for homes with many glass doors and windows. As much as these types are pleasing to look at, these may not be as safe as the types that are made from wood or metal. With the glass break sensor installed, you don’t have to worry about anything because you will be alarmed if anything goes wrong at your home.

The glass break sensor is commonly installed near the glass door and front windows that are usually being used as entryways by thieves and other intruders. The sensor has a microphone that makes it easier to detect noise and other vibrations that are coming from the glass doors or windows. There is a threshold that can be customized by the user and once the threshold is reached, the alarm will turn on. The simpler types of glass break sensors utilize narrowband microphones that are tuned to the typical sounds of shattering glass. There are also the more advanced types that utilize the more complex signal profiles and reactions.

This kind of sensor can be used as an additional security feature that you have in your home. Different devices have a different forte, and not all types of devices can detect shattering glass. You can never be too sure as to how the thieves intend to break into your house, so you must not be complacent in protecting your property. This kind of sensor is more expensive than the regular types of security gadgets, but you will realize once you have this installed that it is worth investing in.

This device can be availed in various designs and according to categories. Most types are acoustic, which means that these will be able to detect the sound of breaking glass. There are also shock detectors that are similar to the alarms that are being utilized on cars. These tools are able to work off vibration. All these tools are available in two forms, the wireless types and hardwired. The device can be mounted on the wall or this can also be placed at the ceiling of your home. You have to maintain a minimum limit of 20 feet away from the sensor in all the directions where the sounds may come from. A typical room can have one detector and this is sufficient to protect all areas, especially if the room has many glass windows and doors.

Most types of glass break sensors are easy to install. You can always get back to the manufacturer in Greensboro, NC for further inquiries and technical support.

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