How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Enhance Security

How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Enhance Security

On-premise security systems may not be going away anytime soon, but the cloud is here to stay. So, which one offers greater security? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the main benefits of cloud surveillance, including data protection, storage, and cybersecurity—and how it can offer your business a more streamlined, secure solution.

Cloud VS Benefit #1: Off-Premise Security

Today’s security climate is more complicated and involved than ever. At a minimum, users of an on-premise system must protect their network with:

  • Deploying and maintaining a firewall
  • Anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • IT team to manage the system

Instead of using on-premise equipment, Alibi Cloud VS stores all of your data in an ultra-secure T4 off-site data center. Unlike security systems that require you to monitor your system’s health with firmware updates and continuous servicing of your hardware, Alibi Cloud VS automatically handles it all for you in the cloud, dramatically reducing security maintenance costs.

Cloud VS Benefit #2: Storage and Redundancy

Most traditional security solutions require an IT to team set up and maintain a RAID storage array to back-up your mission-critical video evidence. Without taking the proper precautions, data loss may lead to security threats, compliance violations, and liability vulnerabilities.

Alibi Cloud VS provides users with seamless, cloud-based storage featuring the same level of protection major financial institutions use to store your banking information. Whether data back-up is required by law, or solely for risk-mitigation, Alibi Cloud VS provides you with the ultimate peace of mind – and dramatically mitigates security challenges typically found on on-premise systems. With Cloud VS, you always have a secure back-up of video evidence, including the ability to increase or decrease storage on-demand.

Cloud VS Benefit #3: Cyber Security and Remote Access

Cybersecurity poses a double threat to traditional systems, both in terms of the security system itself and the rest of the network. One of its most considerable security risks is open ports. With on-premise systems, there are two remote accessibility options: port forwarding or a VPN.

Port-forwarding (allowing users to connect from their computer to a local private network) is not inherently dangerous but does make it significantly easier for someone to enter the network. How risky it becomes is dependent on several factors, including how protected the router’s firewall is and whether the port has been manually disabled or remained open. A VPN is a more secure option but causes delayed access due to slow, remote connectivity.

Alibi Cloud VS provides users with 24/7 cybersecurity management. Unlike on-premise systems that can remain vulnerable due to open ports, the Alibi Witness app creates a temporary open port for remote access. Don’t worry about manually disabling it – just close out of the app, and it’s automatically

disabled for you. Additionally, Cloud VS also protects your data with multi-level encryption during transmission and at its time of rest on our servers—offering an extra layer of security.

About Alibi Cloud VS

Alibi Cloud VS is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business by providing worry-free, cloud-based security solutions. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the Alibi Cloud offers 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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