The Dangers of Retail: Understanding Security and Safety

The Dangers of Retail: Understanding Security and Safety

When you work in clothing retail, then you may find that you need to maintain a balance between keeping associates and yourself safe. Shoplifting is something that can seriously impact a business, and when someone is successful at your location, they are likely to go and tell their other criminal friends how easy it was and offer some tips and techniques they can use to also shoplift at your location. This can put your business and the safety of your employees and yourself in jeopardy.

The Dangers of Retail

While retail may seem like a relatively tame business, it is far from so. When you see a shoplifter, you may be tempted to confront them and even chase them out of the store if you see they are trying to get away. However, doing so can put you in danger, and someone can become seriously hurt in the process.

Shoplifters steal for many reasons. Among these reasons we find that most of them are desperate and need money because they are either greedy or in debt, or they need money to support their drug addictions. It is these people you need to watch for because they don't always care about the safety of the people in the store they are trying to steal from, and they may be inclined to do anything to make sure they get away without being caught.

Accidents Can Happen

Let's say you caught someone shoplifting and they saw that you caught them, so they try to run out of the store. However, on their way out, they bump into a child or a mother holding her infant. The children could become seriously injured. In cases like this, the shoplifter may be charged with numerous crimes. 

An incident like this actually did happen in a mall on the second floor. However, it was not a happy ending for the mother and child because the collision caused the infant to fly out of her arms and was killed immediately upon landing on a planter on the lower level. The shoplifter was then convicted of several felony crimes as well as exposed to several civil suits.

Do Not Chase the Shoplifter

It is never a good idea to chase a shoplifter out of the store. You aren't only putting yourself in harm's way; you are opening it up for other accidents to happen as well. It is never worth it. It is important to train your staff not to chase shoplifters or try to catch them. It is better just to let them go and let your security footage tell the story.

Train the Staff

You should also train staff on the importance of being alert and aware. Train them to understand what to look for regarding loss prevention. Sometimes the best thing you can do to minimize shoplifting is to offer the best customer service you can. A criminal isn't going to want to receive any kind of attention so asking them if they need help and letting them know you are around may be just what you need to avoid shoplifting and other dangerous occurrences in Greensboro, NC. 

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