5 Factors That Affect Your Security Camera Purchase

Implementing a security camera system into a home or business in Greensboro, NC is often a safe, prudent decision. This is an investment that doesn’t necessarily raise values or profits but is incredibly effective at preventing loss, especially theft.

However, getting a security camera system in Greensboro, NC isn’t as easy as going to a store and just picking out something with a nice color. Many questions need to be asked and answered, and we’re going to look at five of the most important things people should consider as they shop around for a security camera system.

Figure Your Budget

It all starts here, as it always should. Your budget is going to determine most of the other decisions that follow, so it’s important you take a cold, hard assessment of just how much peace of mind and increased security coverage is worth to you. You can take plenty of short cuts here to minimize your cost, such as buying shoddy, inferior products, or trying to install systems yourself. Alternatively, you can pay more money for a quality experience. It’s all up to you.

Image Fidelity

This is an important factor if you want to use your camera as an investigative tool, or even as evidence in court. A good, high definition camera will capture color, and provide a sharp, easily delineable image. Standard definition cameras are not good with details and tend to look blurry. If the police are trying to identify a criminal, for example, and there’s a chance the criminal may have entered your business, there’s a chance an HD camera can provide a crucial clue.


This applies mostly to wireless cameras. Because wireless cameras are part of a wireless network, this means, as with any computing device connected to a network, it’s possible to hack them and seize control or disable them. Look into what security protocols and encryption are available for any wireless cameras you’re considering. If they’re defenseless, that means so are you once you install them.

Night Vision

If you want cameras to record what goes on at night clearly, then you either need to have lights on in the camera’s field of view, or you need cameras with night vision. Night vision is, in some ways, more effective, since it can catch people in the act. It also means that you get much better details, with a sharper image.

Technical Support

A final factor to consider is keeping your cameras maintained and “healthy.” If something goes wrong, what kind of technical support and assistance can you expect? Do you want to pay a little more to ensure that experts are always ready to help out, or do you think you can maintain these systems yourself? Technical support can be a crucial benefit for ensuring that no matter happens, someone will always be ready to find the problem, fix it, and keep your security network protecting you as it was built to do.

If you’re thinking of getting a security camera system here in Greensboro, NC, we can help. Just contact Business Improvement Technologies, and we can listen to your needs, and find the security configuration that is the ideal solution for your property.

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